‘Bout the Beet!

Our Wild Beet is a way to share our adventures through travel, food, and fun. We believe that food can heal, or at least satisfy a hunger. For us, we hunger for experiences and we fill our plates with travelling locally and globally, sharing across cultures, and learning at any stage of life.

Posts range from everyday food experiences to philosophical questions about moving abroad. We do our best to practice ethical storytelling, intentional choices for sustainable travel, and laughing at ourselves when we fail to figure it out. We aren’t here for the perfect picture with the perfect caption and you won’t find that in our posts. We do not take pictures without people’s consent and we usually write about stories on the go. We’re here for the real, and sometimes flawed experience of what our lives are like when we explore. We want to share our joys, but also our challenges. That’s what Our Wild Beet is about.

Meet Joe and Justine!


Hello! My name is justine johnson! So lovely to meet you! I currently work at Tra Vinh University as the International Collaboration Officer for the School of Economics and Law. Previously, My work has been in gender equity, but it’s recently been broaden to include diversity, multiculturalism, environmental rights, and global equity. I hadn’t left the US until I took the leap and moved to Kyrgyzstan for the PeaceCorps in 2008, and grew to love learning and difference.   I continue to seek different life paths including moving to Viet Nam to find my passion.




Hola! Me llamo Joe Germick.  I like to pretend I can speak Spanish.  Well… I can, but not well as I would like.  I also work at Tra Vinh University as an “expert” (legitimately on my contract as my job title) for the Resource Development Institute.  In my free time, I like to eat all the food possible, travel often, and experience other cultures.  While I have next to no experience with photography, I plan on sharing photos of our journeys.

Together, we are Joe and Justine Extraordinaire! I wish that was our joint last name, alas, it is not. We’re just trying to do good, have fun, and travel to eat the best food.