One wild year in to the beet

Welp, a big one here! Last year, September 28, 2017 we received our work visas for a one year contract to work at a University in Viet Nam. We were so excited and with permits and visas in hands we announced the move! Looking back exactly from one year, we have had a lot of fun, learned about ourselves, and have been humbled by the work we’ve done and the people we’ve met.

On September 28, 2018, we made another big decision. We will not continue working in Viet Nam. In fact, it was our last day! A decision that we reflected on for quite some time, and one we feel confident about making. This year in Viet Nam was a great way to grow ourselves and our marriage, and we hope we were able to contribute to the hard work that our colleagues will continue to do.

With many new friends and memories made, we are packing up our bags and moving on! On to where, you ask? We don’t know. We will continue to travel throughout Southeast Asia for a couple months and hopefully find out next chapter organically, but, we’re open to ideas, too. If you have any, send them our way!

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