We think you should travel to Viet Nam during the rainy season

We know, most people want to avoid unpleasant weather experiences, but we’ve actually really enjoyed the rainy season in Viet Nam. In the south, the rainy season is from May until November with June, July, and August have the most rainfall.

We were going to write an extensive article on convincing people to come visit Viet Nam (ahem, us), but this blog sums it up nicely and has great photos.

In brief, we like the rainy season because:

  • There are bursts of coolness during, and, thankfully, after the rain. We can walk around without getting too sweaty and we’ve even seen foreigners go outside in the rain to cool off.
  • People slow down. You have to pull over and grab a cup of coffee if you get stuck in the rain. Also, people don’t show up to work if they get stranded somewhere so all the timing is modified.
  • Less dust on the roads, yay for breathing!
  • The city looks different. Maybe because the rain saturates everything, but it seems that people are livilier after the rain and, of course, nature is lusher.
  • People are tough as nails here. At the first drops of rain, they throw up a plastic tarp and continue to work. We are sad to see when people lose their daily income because of the rain, but we’ve also enjoyed seeing the resiliency of people sticking through it.

Speaking of sticking through it. Here’s Joe on the way to teach through the rain. Do you even know it’s him?!


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