The Magic Yellow Wall

If you google the word yellow (go ahead, do it), you’ll see link after link of why yellow is a color for the introverted, the extroverted, the loved, the independent one, the kind one, the smart one, blah blah blah. It’s for everyone. There is something intriguing about the color yellow.

Justine loves yellow, she has mustard pants, lemon dresses, and gold purses (unfortunately not filled with said material). We also work at a University where every building is yellow. On Mondays we wear yellow ties and yellow shirts and Justine had a special Vietnamese dress made of, you guessed it, yellow fabric.

We’re bathed in yellow every day, but on our latest vacation, we saw the rest of Vietnam obsessed with yellow, too.

In our last blog, we talked about our love for Da Lat. It’s beautiful mountains, delicious foods, and fresh air. While we were conquering the city on foot we stumbled across a crowd of people lining up for photos in what seemed like a nothing special area. We didn’t understand why there was a group taking photos and we looked over to see nothing extraordinary. We looked for a basket of puppies, a street performer, or a spectacle. It was just a bakery. They would all pose in front of this bright yellow wall. We didn’t think much of it the first time we saw it, but the next day people were there again. We were surprised again and it took a google search of “yellow wall in Da Lat” to discover the unusual ritual that takes place.

Seriously, look at all the pictures. We had to jump on board.

Justine and Joe in front of the yellow wall bakery

While there is no question that this cafe, or at least the yellow wall of the cafe, is quite famous, we found little information as to why. What makes the wall special enough to attract hundreds of photos everyday? We only stumbled upon one article that takes a guess as to why. Posted from the site The Saigoneer, here is the excerpt:

“Some might even interpret the yellow shade as a brighter rendition of many walls found in French colonial houses in Vietnam…the wall empathizes with people’s sense of nostalgia in present-day conditions: as the country modernizes and slowly erases the footprints of older times, clinging onto remnants of the past can be a way to reconcile our lived experience in contemporary times.”

So there it is, a beautiful wall that reminds people of a country that once was. Where else should we go stand adorably for a photo?!

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