5 things we wish we would have done before leaving America to live in Viet Nam

In no particular order…

  1.   Spent more time getting used to bugs (or at least the idea of bugs).
    They are everywhere, and we get startled quickly. Maybe if we had been used to them in America, we wouldn’t look like such fools here.
  1.   Experimented with how to make more meals without an oven.
    We wish we would have been prepared for the lack of an oven and more familiar with what ‘staple’ foods to make. Justine misses roasted brussel sprouts, it is what it is.
  1.   Acclimated to being hot.
    Exercising in the heat, relaxing in the heat, eating hot soup in the heat: EVERYTHING IN THE HEAT. Okay, maybe this wouldn’t have prepared us for the heat, or maybe we wanted to relish in the last couple months of 40 degrees fahrenheit. Who knows, but it is hot.
  1.  Driven a motorcycle.
    Again, for the the sake of not looking like a fool. Joe has done a good job on a motorbike here, but it would have saved a lot of hours on the practice course.
  1.  Learned about flowers, plants, and fish–their proper names.
    Out of left field, but when we’re out in the country, or strolling along in a market with our Vietnamese counterparts, we get asked “What plant is this?,” “How do you say this in English?,” “What local fish do you eat in America?.” We stare at each other blankly, throw a couple maybe names out there and awkwardly move on without admitting our lack of knowledge of flora and fauna. To us, this would have been a great way to connect and an easy teaching opportunity on both sides.

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