Bưởi, đu đủ, ổi, oh my!

Grapefruit, pronounced boi, papaya pronounced due doh, and guava pronounced oy!

We love the fruit in Viet Nam, especially in Tra Vinh. It’s a bountiful fruit-lovers dream: roadways with banana plants pushing in to the street, coconuts trees hovering 20 meters in to the sky, and saplings bursting with mangoes so close you could touch them. They are ripe for the picking (don’t worry, we don’t–we know it actually belongs to someone!). Whenever we are invited to a home out of the city limits, we usually spend most of the time outside, staring, in awe, at the amount of readily available food sticking out of their yard like forgotten Christmas decorations; bold and beautiful, and just there.

(L to R clockwise: coconut, chili pepper, water coconut, breadfruit, papaya, basil, limes)

We stumble through their yard like children in a candy store, pointing up trying to identify what fruit is in the tree or vegetable in the bush. Usually, our gaping (and salivating) mouths give us away and the host will shimmy up a tree or grab a knife and bring back some of their riches. The food often spoils because it’s too much for one family to eat, but for us, we feel spoiled by the freshness and immediacy.

How many edibles can you spot?
(L: lemongrass and breadfruit, R: coconut, water coconut, and banana)


And our favorite: cashew!

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