A day trip to Can Tho

We got a chance to visit the largest city in the Mekong Delta: Cần Thơ. It was nice to travel outside of Tra Vinh, especially on something other than a bicycle. Beyond arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, we haven’t been able to see the rest of Viet Nam so this was a chance to get out and explore a bit. We woke up at 5:30 to catch a shuttle to the bus station for our departure at 7am. The bus trip took about 3 hours even though it was about 60 miles away. It was a good reminder that the infrastructure of Viet Nam is still growing. We were able to spend about 6 hours and got on the last bus at 4:30pm to head back. We almost missed it because it departed 15 minutes early but we had great “tour guides” who got us there in time—our guides were Justine’s coworker and her friend who wanted to show us around their home town! They loved their town and wanted to show us why.

Beyond just driving around the city, we went to a cacao farm (a must if you visit!) and a house that is a historical landmark.

We took a couple pictures and attempted to make a video. Enjoy!

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