Health Clearance

I read a lot about what some jobs, employers, and Immigration Offices required for the health record. After asking what I needed to prepare for our health records, my supervisor had said “the medical check doesn’t need a specific form. It is only confirmed that you have good health for working.” Some may require a person to fill out a specific form, but ours did not. Easy! (easy, with the caveat that we are expecting to get a work permit in country and a physical is needed then).

Letter: Scheduled my appointment with our physician and she had no problem writing the letter. I had googled notarizing a physician’s letter and it reported that we needed to have a notary on site to verify the doctor’s signature. Our doctor reported that we could just take the letter to the notary and they would do it.

Notary: I went to the notary and was denied. He, in fact, did need to witness the signature. It made sense because notaries are supposed to witness to verify that it is true. A couple of notaries said they would drive to the doctor’s office, but it would be costly. I called the nurse and she said the doctor couldn’t do it because she was booked. I said, there was a notary across the street and they said no. I could understand they were busy, but in attempt to do this, I wanted to provide a couple options. Thankfully, the nurse called back and said her mother was a notary and would be able to stop in. Chocolates bought and thank you note written—I was grateful that this had worked out by other people’s generosity.

The challenge:

Notary and Doctor in the same room. Our Doctor was too busy to carve out time for this meet up. This made sense to us, our first annual exam with her had to be scheduled four months out because she was in such high demand.

The solution:

Providing the Physician with multiple options. We sounded desperate enough that the brilliant nurse came up with a solution for us. You may have to pay for the work around to bring a notary to them unless you know someone.

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