Taking the Leap!

We’re moving to Vietnam. There it is. Nothing too flashy and in fact when we talk about the move to others, it sounds like we are casually discussing opinions on our favorite breads (rye, if you’re interested). In fact, many times we were told that we “buried the lede” when telling people what we’ve been up to these days. The truth of the matter is, we have discussed moving and working abroad for years and we have made the commitment to do so recently! Justine was offered a job at a University in southern Vietnam during the summer and while we contemplated one of the larger, more exciting choices in our lives, we knew at the end of the day, we’d take the offer and see where that road led us.

We’ll be writing more about our careers, the area, and our adventures once we get there, but what we wanted to share now is our excitement. We can’t believe we are taking the next step to our big adventure. We use the term adventure, but we know that it’s not just a joyride, but also our lives so please read it as “adventure (and also life decision, career choice, impact, journey, marriage).” The excitement came in waves. We’d think “holy crap, are we really doing this?” one morning and the next we’d think “when can we leave?”. We’d get excited telling people who we haven’t seen in a while and Justine feels full of energy every time she gets an email from her future boss or an update about the work visas. We day dream of what our lives will be like, how we’ll feel with a new language on our tongue, new food in our bellies, and a new culture on the horizon.

Along with excitement comes trepidation. Is this the right choice? Can we make it work? Can we afford it? What do we do with our stuff? Will we contribute in a helpful way? Will this be successful for everyone involved? As the questions rolled in our brains like loose marbles, we went back and forth in discussion. We did not want to contribute to the ideas of white savior, voluntourism, or imperialism so we went back and forth about what we could do abroad. Justine will write more on this later as our lives our played out. At the end of the day, we decided we could financially, emotionally, and physically make this work, which we are very grateful.

Next thing was next, we accepted jobs, left ours, and have spent about 6-8 weeks getting our lives in order for the move. Stay tuned for more!

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