and we’re off!

This is our first post and boy do we have no idea what we are doing! We posted a picture of the evening we got engaged, because to us, this was our first night of our commitment to each other in a grander way than we had previously thought—it seems fitting to have it represent our first official post on this website, a grand commitment to our next step. We don’t think it’s overly dramatic to make a comparison of the commitment of marriage to a commitment to a blog.  It probably is, but we’re going to try it, anyway. It’s scary and exciting and nudges you in to something you want to do, but don’t know how to do it correctly. It makes you think about a future, a broader way of thinking, and how to be best version of yourself. Sometimes, the best version is just a farce when you’re actually trying to figure out what your best version is all along the way.

So this is our attempt at a best version of the lives we are living, documented through a simple wordpress blog account. We hope to share our lives, our travels, and whatever we have laying around the kitchen with you. Not always perfect, but what is?

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