Can a blog be a brain child?

ourwildbeet is our brain child—we couldn’t commit to furry children or actual children, so we went with the fictional, day-dreaming, kind of child. We’re slightly rolling our eyes at this sentiment, but we’re trying to figure it out and nurture it just the same. We wanted to build something together, enjoy each other, and spread whatever kind of juicy tidbits we can share!

We’ve been working on what ourwildbeet is for a while and we signed up for a blog and actually paid money for a website! We had to commit! We’re working on building this to be a portal in to our lives and how we view the world.

The name came from our love of food and travel. The name is meant to be cheeky in intent, although we’re not sure if homophones are ever cheeky. It’s our journey, our food, and our travel. Justine has been a vegan for over 7 years but never ate a beet until Joe introduced them to her on one of their first dates. It’s embarrassing, a vegan who doesn’t even eat vegetables! Joe is an omnivore and appreciates bean and beef burgers just the same. He’s mostly along for the travel part, but can make a mean vegan sweet potato and black bean enchilada if he needs to.

Not only do we share a passion for cooking and travel, but we’re also trying to be socially conscious consumers and givers. We’ll write next time about our attempt to be travelers who use a social justice framework.

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